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What is KSO?

Senior Peulot

Years 9 - 12: Our senior chanichimot will recieve monthly peulot on content ranging from Socialist-Zionism, Judaism and Hadracha (leadership). They will also have the opportunity to lead the junior movement as madatzimot (leaders) at their monthly peulot and shabbatonim. 

The senior movement consists of Emek (Year 9), Zamir (Year 10), Ze'ev (Year 11) and Sufah (Year 12). Aside from leading and learning together in KSO, our senior chanichimot will go on winter machanot (camps) in the physical kenim (Sydney, Melbourne and Perth) and on FED camp in January. This is an especially exciting time for our chanichimot to meet their federal shichvah (year group) and make new friends across the Australian Jewish community.


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