Choref 2020 is Habonim Dror Perth's Winter camp for Years 3-8! 

Habo camps are a safe, open and inclusive environment where chanichim (participants) have the opportunity to learn about Judaism, Zionism, world issues and more while meeting Jews from all over the community! 

Filled with educational content and fun & engaging activities, Choref 2020 will be an unforgettable experience that you won't want to miss!

Due to the circumstances with Covid-19, this years Choref will be held as an extended day camp at the Jewish centre from 9am-5pm over the 7th-10th of July. Chanichim (participants) must be dropped off and picked up each day. 

Due to the recent lifting of restrictions in WA, we have received permission to hold a sleepover at the Jewish centre. The sleepover is optional for all chanichim attending camp and will be held on the night of Thursday, 9th July. We will provide dinner and breakfast. Chanichim should be picked up at the end of camp at 3pm on Friday, 10th July. If your child does not wish to sleepover, they can be picked up at the regular time of 5pm and be dropped back at the Jewish centre at 9am the next day. 

Vegetarian, nut free & kosher lunch and snacks will be provided throughout the day!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding choref, please contact  Ari Wolpert (tzevet machane)

m: 0481346346

e: perthcamp@hdoz.com



Choref 2020 will run from the 7th - 10th of

July for years 3-8.


Drop off every morning:


Pick up every afternoon:


Pick up and drop off is at the Jewish Centre: 61 Woodrow Ave, Yokine


If you are unable to drop off and pick up at these times, please contact Ari on 0481346346



Camp Prices 

No child should miss out on Habo camp due to finances.

If you require a subsidy or payment plan, or have any financial concerns, please contact our Gizbar (treasurer) Jaydon on: 

m: 0433 577 734


e: perthgizbar@hdoz.com

If you are unsure if you are a 2020 Habo member, please feel free to contact Jaydon.


Sign up here to become a member of Habonim Dror Perth!



Please note that all chanichim require a signed indemnity form in order to attend Choref.


 Download the indemnity form below, print it, and sign. 

If you are unsure whether you already have an up-to-date indemnity form, please contact Tzevet Machane. 



9-10 Something time and snacks or helping out at Menorah Charity Fund

Something time involves different stations of activities for example arts and crafts, sports games or just dance. It is a fun and exciting way to start off the day!

10-11:30 Peula (program)

An informal and educational program run in different age groups which explores a range of topics including Judaism, equality and identity.

11:30-12:30 Ruach 

Ruach involves dancing and singing. Chanichim usually learn a song and dance that has been made up by their madrichim about camp which they then perform to everyone at ruach each day.

12:30-1:30 Lunch 

1:30-3 Group peula 

A group peula is a fun activity run for everyone that has come on camp. It usually involves a hike, manoeuvre or skit night.

3-3:30 Chuggim and snacks

Chuggim is different themed activities for each day for example Israel themed or science themed

3:30-4:45 Peula (program)



Habo has been working closely with the top medical professionals in the state, the AZYC and other youth movements to ensure that all decisions are made in the safest framework possible. 

We, as Habo, understand that whilst WA is in a great position, social distancing and hygiene measures still remain in place and are of the utmost importance.


To provide a safe Habo environment therefore, our chanichim must be responsible enough to keep these rules, know not to attend if feeling unwell and comprehend the significance of the situation.


We are constantly regulating government changes to the COVID situation. We will let you know of any changes to the running of our camp. 




Definitely do bring:

  • Hat 

  • Closed shoes

  • Jumper

  • Water bottle

Definitely do not bring:​​

  • Expensive items

  • Any food with nuts

  • Meat (including fish and gelatin)


Please note: In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all chanichim on camp, Habonim Dror will confiscate the following items if found. If a chanich is found in possession of one of these items, we will contact parents to organise travel arrangements for them to be sent home. No reimbursement will be provided.

  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Cigarettes

  • Other Illicit substances

  • Explosives

  • Any kind of weapon, including pocket knives



For any general enquiries about Choref, please contact our tzevet machane (head of camp) Ari

m: 0481346346

e: perthcamp@hdoz.com

For any financial enquiries about kayetzet, please contact our gizbar (treasurer) Jaydon

m: 0433577734

e: perthgizbar@hdoz.com



  • Sleeping bag 

  • Pillow

  • Toiletries 

  • Clean clothes for the next day



Habonim Dror Australia is an affiliate of the AZYC which abides by accredited Safeguarding Children Policies

Please click below to view the AZYC Safeguarding Children Policy

Aleh Vehagshem - עלה והגשם

© 2020 Habonim Dror Australia Limited. 

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as the First People of Australia and pay our respects to the elders past and present with whom we share this great country