Fed Camp is Habonim Dror's annual senior summer camp, for chanichim between years 9 and 11. All Habonim Dror members from around Australia come together just outside of Melbourne for an 10 day camp, centred around experiential Jewish learning.


Fed Camp is a great opportunity to connect with other Jewish youth Australia-wide, explore your Jewish and cultural identity, to learn and be challenged in a unique way, make new friends and generally have an unforgettable 10 days.


Fed Camp is the pinnacle of the Habonim Dror calendar for hundreds of Australian Jewish youth. So sign up, start packing your bags, book your flights and get excited because this camp is sure to be the highlight of your summer holidays!


Year 12s: We simultaneously run a seminar for our year 12 chanichim who are embarking on our Shnat Hachshara program in Israel. If you would like to sign up for our year 12 seminar click the button below!



FED21 will be running from 11th - 20nd of January 2021 for years 9 -11 participants. 


Travel information is below in the other information section and included in the sign up form.



For any questions or concerns whilst on camp, arranging alternate travel plans, arriving late or leaving early
please feel free to contact:

Jordi Blackman
Tzevet machane (Camp coordinator)
M: 0449 100 067
E: fed@hdoz.com
For financial questions including payment plans and subsidies
Hannah Blount
Federal Gizbar (Treasurer)
M: 0418 122 323
E: gizbar@hdoz.com



The cost of camp includes transport to and from camp (by bus) for Melbourne and Sydney chanichim, but does not include the cost of flights for Perth and other interstate chanichim. 

If you are not coming from Melbourne or Sydney, it is your responsibility to book and pay for travel to Melbourne. Camp prices have been set to compensate for the cost of travel.

Keeno Sale: 1st of July - 14th of July

Early Bird: 15th of July - 22nd of September

Normal fee: 23rd of September - 24th of November

Late Fee: 25th of November - 11st of January (Start of Fed camp)

Melbourne Prices

Sydney Prices

Perth Prices


Queensland Prices

Adelaide Prices

No one should miss out on Habo camp due to finances.

If you require a subsidy or payment plan, or have any financial concerns, please contact our Gizbarit (treasurer) Hannah on: 

m: 0418 122 323


e: gizbar@hdoz.com


If you are unsure if you are a 2020 Habo member, please feel free to contact your state Gizbar/it (treasurer)

Serena - Melbourne: melbgizbar@hdoz.com

Ruby - Sydney: sydgizbar@hdoz.com

Jaydon - Perth: perthgizbar@hdoz.com


Or sign up here to become a member of Habonim Dror!


Sign Up

For legal reasons, we need all parents/guardians to sign our indemnity & release form. 

The form changes often so we require every participant to complete the most recent edition.


Please download the indemnity form below, fill it out, scan it and upload to the sign up form. (Please note the forms cannot be signed electronically)

Indemnity form


FED21 Promo Video


other information

Packing list

What Do I Need to Take on FED?

  • 11 sets of socks and undies
  • Plenty of T-shirts
  • A couple of pairs of shorts
  • A few pairs of pants
  • A couple of warm jumpers
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Hats
  • Flip Flops/Thongs (for showering)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle (make sure your bottle is a litre or more for the hike)
  • Pyjamas
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Comfortable shoes (closed toe) - for walking
  • Torch
  • Multiple Clothes to get dirty in
  • A backpack for hiking
  • Bathers/Swimmers
  • Chultzah (Habo shirt)
  • Regular medications
What I should not bring?
  • Expensive items including IPads, Smart watches etc - We cannot take any responsibility for these items.
  • Camera - We cannot take responsibility for these items, and we will have a photographer on camp!
  • Singlets - Leaders will ask participants to change into a T-shirt if seen wearing singlets, better to just not bring them
  • Food containing meat (including fish or gelatin)
  • Food containing nuts (may contain traces is OK but manufactured on the same equipment is not)
  • Mobile Phone - There is a no mobile phone policy on FED, A phone will be available for parents and children to maintain communication if needed.
  • Energy drinks
  • Non-prescription medication - If medication is required, we have a medic on the campsite at all times who will be able to provide)
Definitely Do Not Bring: Please note: in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all chanichim on camp, Habonim Dror will confiscate the following items if found on camp. We will contact parents to organise travel arrangements and chanichim will be sent home if found in possession. No reimbursement will be provided:
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Cigarettes
  • Other Illicit substances
  • Explosives
  • Any kind of weapon, including pocket knives


All snacks must be NUT FREE and VEGETARIAN. We will be conducting bag searches for snacks to ensure they are all nut free and vegetarian. If snacks are found to have nuts, meat or gelatin in them, these snacks will be put in the amnesty box until the end of camp and will be given back after getting off the bus. Chanichimot should bring their own snacks, which will be added to their shichva snack kupa to share amoungst everyone.

Medical needs

The health of your child is of the utmost importance to us. Thus, it is the obligation of parents to inform Habo, in writing, with a full and accurate information regarding any medical situation of their child; temporary or chronic. We want every child to participate regardless of their medical situation, however, in order to ensure their health, our medic needs to know the child’s medical situation. This also includes physical, behavioural and mental health. During all the days of camp there will be trained medics who will be best prepared to handle all conditions if they are made aware of conditions before camp starts. They will be taking care of the medical issues whilst on camp. If serious, you will be notified, and if need be, we will send the child home. If severe, and if appropriate, we will take them to a hospital or a doctor. We have located the nearest one, and all other nearest emergency services to the campsite. If your child has a medical issue that you would like to discuss with the medic or the heads of camp, please send an email to us to discuss an action plan. If you already elected on the sign up that you would like the medic to contact you, you don’t have to send an email as you will be contacted before camp. Please do not send your child to camp if they are unwell, however please let us know this is the case Any medication brought to camp should be correctly labelled with your child’s name, year group and instructions, and will be collected by our medic on the morning of drop-off. Please don’t forget to take your medication back from the medic when collecting your child. If your child develops a medical issue before camp and has medication that wasn’t put on the sign-up sheet, please ensure you let madrichim know when you drop your kids off at Habo House and follow it up by sending us an email.


We know how food is an important factor in the success of a good camp, as well as the happiness and wellbeing of every child. We expect that the partcipants will eat all three meals that are provided for them. If your child has an allergy or is particularly fussy about food (and you haven’t already put this on your sign up form) please send us an email as soon as possible. Please note that eating snacks does not count as a meal and participants are still expected to eat all three meals provided. If your child isn’t eating properly we will take the matter seriously and might have to contact you, or in the worst case, send them home. Fed is a vegetarian and nut free camp.


We try to create a fun and safe environment at Habo. The use of phones very often lead to anti-social behaviour on camps, and the content of the activity on phones is very difficult for us to manage. On a similar note, camp is an unparalleled experience. We want our chanichim to be enjoying as much of camp as possible, and to be engaging with the activities that are running throughout the day. The absence of devices and media allow for children to form authentic experiences and connections with each other. Thus phones will not be allowed on camp. If leaders see participants with a phone they will be confiscated and given back at the end of camp. If a participant would like to speak to their parents they will be able to use one of heads of camps phones. If a parent would like to speak to their child please call us. We will also be updating parents via email throughout camp.


There will be a camera floating around the camp site taking pictures of the happenings of camp. These will be uploaded to Habonim Dror Australia's facebook page in Fed albums


FED21 is at a campsite outside of Melbourne and depending on the state you come from you will have different travel arrangements. Below is the information on arrivals and departure for all the different states. Please Note: You are welcome to arrive in Melbourne earlier than the beginning of camp and stay in Melbourne after the end of camp in which case you are required to make your own way to Melbourne Habo house on January 11th, departing with the Melbourne group (see below). Melbourne: Depart: Be at Melbourne Habo House (1 Sinclair St, Elsternwick) on January 11 at 8.30am.
Return: An organised bus will be returning to Melbourne Habo House (1 Sinclair St, Elsternwick) on January 20 2021 at 4pm. Sydney: Depart: Be at Sydney Habo House at 9:00pm on January 10 2021, to take an organised, overnight bus leaving from Sydney Habo House (7 St Marys Ave, Bondi Junction).
Return: An organised overnight bus will be returning from camp to Sydney Habo House (7 St Marys Ave Bondi Junction) on January 21st 2021 arriving at 7.00am. Perth, Adelaide, Byron Bay or other cities around Australia: Depart: Please book flights (potentially overnight) that arrive at Melbourne Tullamarine airport before 8:30am on the January 11 2021. A bus will be leaving from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport at 9:30am and taking chanichim straight to the campsite. Habonim Dror Madrichim will be waiting outside the terminal in order to meet them (Look out for the blue shirts and the enthusiasm!)
Return: Please book flights that depart Melbourne Tullamarine after 5:30pm on January 20.
After camp ends buses will drop chanichim at Melbourne Tullamarine airport by 4pm on January 20.




Habonim Dror Australia is an affiliate of the AZYC which abides by accredited Safeguarding Children Policies

Please click here to find out more about safeguarding children

Aleh Vehagshem - עלה והגשם

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We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as the First People of Australia and pay our respects to the elders past and present with whom we share this great country