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מי אנחנו

About us

Habonim Dror is a Jewish, Socialist-Zionist youth movement that operates throughout Australia, as well as around the world. Our aim is to enrich the Jewish identities and create an engagement with Israel for the youth in our community. Through critically analysing the world around us, we strive to empower the youth, providing them the with ability to develop a meaningful Jewish identity that exists in all spheres of life, which is to be used to improve oneself, the Jewish people and the wider world. The unique atmosphere created in the movement has ensured we are one of the largest Jewish youth organisations in Australia.


Our vision for the Jewish people and for humanity is one in which all people understand the power of personal freedom, the importance of equality and basic rights, and the value of friendship, culture and community. We want to play our part in creating a world in which all people explore their identity, express their creativity, fight for morality and strive to improve society through critical analysis and communal teamwork. As a Jewish youth movement we believe that our contribution to this world picture should come through educating today’s youth through the lens of the principles of Socialist-Zionism.


Socialist-Zionism was the main approach to Zionism in the early stages of 20th Century Aliyah, and the work of many Socialist-Zionists is directly responsible for the establishment of Kibbutzim and the subsequent establishment of the State. Socialist-Zionism is a unique ideology distinct from Socialism and different to other accepted forms of Zionism. It is an approach to Zionism that puts the values of democracy, equality, social justice, peace and collective responsibility at the center, in an approach to create a Zionist reality that takes responsibility for the future of the entire Jewish people.


Our modus operandi revolves primarily around informal education. We seek to create an environment in which our chanichim can grapple with the core values of Habonim Dror on both an intellectual and experiential level. This manifests through weekly programs in our kenim (branches) in each city, frequent machanot (camps), community involvement and culminates in the ultimate Habonim Dror experience – Shnat Hachshara ve Hadracha.

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