Junior: 13th - 15th July

Senior: 16th - 18th July



I'm glad you asked! This year Machane Choref will run like a day camp at Habo house, 7 St Marys Ave, Waverly.


Machane Igloo is open for years 3 - 11, and will be running from 9am - 4pm over the camp dates (however these times may slightly vary from day to day, refer to schedule below).


And not to fear, If you’ve never been to habo before, camp is an inclusive and open environment. Get excited to hang out with friends, peulot, ruach and more of your favourite camp activities!


As a result of the current situation, machane cannot be run on a campsite like normal. However, we are following the AZYC guidelines as well as restrictions set by the government. We are receiving regular updates of regulations, so keep an eye open for any changes made.



Junior: 13th - 15th July

Senior: 16th - 18th July



Early Bird (6th-21st June): $70

Normal (22nd-5th July): $80

Late (6th July - 12th July): $90

If you have any questions about camp pricing, or would like to apply for a subsidy, feel free to contact our gizbar (treasurer) Ruby at sydgizbar@hdoz.com

What will i need?

Due to regulations, we are currently unable to serve food at Machane Igloo. So each day bring lunch and some nibbles! Please ensure that your snacks DO NOT include MEAT or NUTS. This includes snacks that “may contain” nuts, or are “made on the same equipment” as nuts. “May contain traces of nuts” are acceptable. 

Also, bring your friends, good vibes and all the energy you have!



Have your health insurance and payment details ready! 

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Click here for indemnity form!



For further questions, contact:

Junior: Ella - 0436 190 250

Senior: Eden - 0451 518 052

General: Dylan - 0422 884 517


Camp Schedule


Aleh Vehagshem - עלה והגשם

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