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מחזור החיים התנועתי

Habonim Dror Life Cycle


The Junior Movement

Chaverim enter the movement in year 3, and remain chanichim (participants) in the junior movement until year 8. Junior chanichim participate in weekly peulot and winter and summer camps.


The Senior Movement

Chaverim in years 9-12 are chanichim of the senior movement, which features annual summer federal senior camps, and a much greater standardization of chinuch (education), in addition to weekly peulot and annuall winter camps.



In year 10 in most kenim chaverim are encouraged to take part in a 10-14 week hadracha (leadership) course in the second half of the year. This course is an intensive leadership development course which focuses both on the theoretical aspect of leadership as well as the practical side of becoming a leader both in a general sense and specifically in the movement. Participating in the hadracha course does not commit one to become a leader in the movement, although most do.



In the beginning of year 11 graduates of the hadracha course have the opportunity to become a madatz (junior leader) of the junior shchavot (years 3-8). They lead in a tzevet with other madatzim and with a boger/et as the rosh (head) of the tzevet. The word madatz is an amalgamation of the words 'Madrich Tzair', meaning 'young leader'.


Shnat Hachshara Ve'Hadracha

(Year of Preparation and Leadership)

Shnat Hachshara Ve'Hadracha (commonly refered to as 'Shnat') is the name given to the Habonim Dror 10-month educational and leadership development program in Israel for chaverim after they finish high school in year 12. The program currently includes a period of intensive learning, a period on a socialist kibbutz, and a period working together as a community in a development town in Israel. Regular tiyulim, educational seminars and other events punctuate the year, giving its participants a well-rounded experience of Israel, the movement, and a possible future life in Israel. The two primary aims of shnat are to equip chaverim to become bogrim and run the movement upon their return, and to act as a year of 'preparation' for aliyah and hagshama, giving its participants a realistic and inspirational experience in Israel allowing them to explore a possible future for themselves in Israel. Shnat plays a central role in our movement and is one of our greatest sources of new leadership and strength. It is an opportunity for members of the movement to gain an incredible experience of and in Israel. We see it as an essential part of the development of the senior leadership of our movement, and is the climax of our educational process. For more information on Shnat, see the shnat page.



After Shnat, chaverim become bogrim (graduates) of the movement and are now fully equipped to become the leaders of the movement and hold important tafkidim (positions). Whilst the bogrim are running the movement, they remain as chanichim of the movement as well.



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