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Habonim Dror Sydney's Junior Movement incorporates our values based  Culturally Jewish and Zionist education in unique and fun ways tailored to specific ages.

Sunday Sadnaot combine fun and creative activities and skills as a method to learn various Jewish and Zionist values. Chotrim have a space to have fun, hang out with friends, get a break from the world of adolescence, and learn about themselves.

For more information, please see our Contacts page


Chetzi Mach


Chetzi Mach is our April Holiday program that is a 'mini camp'. It will be at Habo House from the dates 26th-28th April. Each day will be full of different activities and peulot, similar to a full day of camp. However, there will be no sleeping over. Meals and snacks will be provided throughout the day. You can choose to sign up for the full time, or to sign up for individual days.

Although we are not at a campsite or sleeping over, camp rules still apply.



Sunday Sadnaot



To Sign up for the entire camp:


Non Members:

Price per day:


Non Members: 

Habonim Dror believes that money should never be a reason for your child to not attend. If you are in need of financial assistance please contact our gizbar (treasurer)

Dylan Kramer (m)0422 884 517  (e)



For More information, Contact:

Yael Grunseit (Rosh Junior):

(m) 0407 790 801 (e)



Grade 7&8


Chotrim peulot are a fun place to hang out with friends, and to chat to cool older madrichim about life at the beginning of High School, who help you learn about yourself and the community. It's a great place to get support, to have fun, as well as to make friends the same age! 

Peulot are 3-5pm on Syndays at 7 St Marys Ave