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Shnat Registration

The shnat sign up process can be long and confusing. Here is a step by step guide to help you on your way to Shnat 22!

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Internal Registration

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The first step of signing up to Shnat Hachshara 2022 is completing Habonim Dror's Internal Application. Once you have done so you will recieve a registration package with all further information about signing up and receive all necessary updates! Please email Kerryn at for any questions regarding this application

To sign up follow the link on the button below:

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Each participant is required to register with MASA. In doing so, you will automatically receive a $200USD grant. In the program drop-down menu, select 'Habonim Dror Shnat Hachshara Anglo'. The next step will ask you to select which session you've applied for. Under this step select 'Habonim Dror Shnat Masa Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand - 2022'.  There is a $50 registration fee that you will get back at the conclusion of the shnat program.

*Note: it is very important to select the correct program when registering with MASA

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For Information about flights please complete our Internal Shnat 2022 Application

Visa Applications

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For Information about Visa applications please complete our Internal Shnat 2022 Application

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Israeli Citizens

If the participant is considered ‘Israeli’ according to the criteria outlined below then they are required under Israeli law to enter Israel on an Israeli passport and hold a valid Israeli Army Exemption. Failure to do so can result in the participant being detained and questioned in Israel upon arrival/departure and may face other more serious consequences.


A participant is considered ‘Israeli’ if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

1) They were born in Israel

2) One or both parents were born in Israel, or at some stage in their lives made Aliyah

3) The participant holds an Israeli passport

4) The participant has previously made Aliyah


It is the participant or their parents’ responsibility to contact the Consular Department of the Israeli Embassy in Canberra to confirm their Israeli status and organise their Israeli passport and Army Exemption. Please note this is a law of the Israeli Government and there are no exceptions to the rule.


PLEASE NOTE: It can take up to 3 months to process an Israeli Army Exemption. You should make arrangements with the Israel Embassy in Canberra regarding these matters before August 2019.


The Israeli Embassy in Canberra

Phone: 02 6215 4510


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Police Clearance

All chanichim will require a police check in order to volunteer in Israel. Please apply for a Volunteer Police Clearance by clicking on the link below.

  • The purpose of the check is number 37 from the drop down menu. 

  • The clearance costs AUD$42

  • Get the document sent to your home address, scan it and email to

  • You will still need to apply for a Police Clearance if you have a Working with Children Check

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Financial Assistance

Habonim Dror believes that every child should have the opportunity to experience the Shnat program. It is, however, a large expense, and together with you, we can work to find viable solutions to securing funds for this program. Below are the steps you need take if you need to seek financial assistance.



Masa Israel Journey is a joint initiative by the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel with the aim of making long-term Israel programs more affordable by providing universal grants and means-tested scholarships to those going on Masa Israel Programs.


There are two types of subsidies available. The first being the Universal Grant of $US200. This is rewarded to all Masa participants who go on a long-term Israel program including Shnat. It is rewarded to every applicant regardless of financial standing. 


In addition, there is a means-tested scholarship you can apply for to receive extra funding up to US$6,500. The scholarship amount allocated is dependent on each applicant’s financial situation


Attached is a document which outlines in detail the process for applying for means-tested scholarships

through MASA.


Jewish Care - VIC only

Shnat participants are eligible for Jewish Care Empower Loans under the Jewish Identity Loan (Travel) category. The loan is interest-free and has a cap of $10,000. 

  • Loans are interest-free and undergo a serviceability assessment (ability to repay) based on the clients’ individual/family circumstances. Any loan of $10,000 requires 2 guarantors. 

    • A guarantor can be a family or non-family member, however, must be financially independent of the borrower and the other guarantor.

To Apply

  • Contact Jewish Care’s Front Door on 8517-5999 where you will be asked some brief screening questions and will then be forwarded to a lending relationship officer. 


  • If all paperwork is in order following an assessment, the loan will be presented to Jewish Care’s volunteer loan allocation committee who approves, declines or requests more information from you.

    • Meetings are held monthly.


Due to the somewhat complicated nature of this process, please apply for this loan ASAP. You do not need to wait for MASA approval.

Millie Phillips Jewish Educational Fund - NSW only

The Millie Phillips Jewish Education Fund is run by the Jewish Communal Appeal which offers extra financial assistance (up to $5000) for those wanting to go on a gap year program to Israel.


If you would like to apply for this fund you must have also applied for a scholarship from MASA and received a response. Therefore if you require funding from Millie Phillips you must apply for MASA immediately. Once you have received a response from MASA and are interested in receiving additional help from the Millie Phillips fund please contact me. Applications for Millie Phillips scholarships open later in the year. 

Habonim Dror Financial Assistance

If after exploring (and applying to) all the relevant options above additional financial assistance is still required, Habonim Dror Australia can allow for an extended payment plan, where the remaining costs of Shnat can be paid over a 2-3 year period, rather than the standard 13 months.


Please contact Katie Rumanovsky at 


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SIM Cards and Phones

For more information about SIM cards and Phones please complete our internal Shnat Hachshara 2022 Application

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