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Will your child be in Year 3-12 in 2016?

Bring them to Habo!

Habonim Dror's weekly activities and camps start are a fantastic opportunity to immerse your child in a Jewish and Zionist environment, where they will be able to meet other Jewish kids and engage with their Jewish identity in a fun, nurturing and welcoming environment.

First program 

March 2


Who are we?

Habonim Dror is a Jewish, Socialist-Zionist youth movement that operates throughout Australia, as well as around the world. Our aim is to enrich the Jewish identities and create an engagement with Israel for the youth in our community. The unique atmosphere created in the movement has ensured we are one of the largest Jewish youth organisations in Australia. 


For more information on Habonim Dror click here.

What do we do?

Our modus operandi revolves primarily around informal education. We seek to create an environment in which our chanichim can grapple with the core values of Habonim Dror on both an intellectual and experiential level. This manifests through weekly meetings, camps, and other events. Our experienced madrichim ensure that all our activities, from meetings to camps, have a warm and inclusive environment.


Weekly Meetings

Weekly Saturday meetings are run for Year 3-12 throughout the year.


The first meeting of 2019 will be on March 2nd.

Junior (Years 3-8): 2:00-4:00

Senior (Years 9-12): 4:30-6:30.

Habo House - 1 Sinclair St, Elsternwick.


These meetings are lots of fun and have engaging educational content!

We also have Shabbaton sleepovers early in the year to get everyone ready and excited for camp.



Camps are run twice a year, over winter and summer holidays.  These camps are a highlight of the year and are a great experience for children of all ages! Click here for camp dates for 2019.


Why should I bring my child to Habo?

Because it's fun! Habonim Dror provides a warm and nurturing environment for your child to experience new and exciting ways of learning. A youth movement is a wonderful community to grow up in, make life-long friends and develop strong leadership skills. There's no better way to ensure your child develops a thriving Jewish and Zionist identity!

Get in touch

Contact our Mazkira (Chairperson) Ruby on 0431 198 711 or at


דוברי עברית - צרו קשר עם אורית - 0423088303 


Want to stay updated about upcoming programs, camps and events? Sign your child up to our database here.

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