After School Moadon

Peulot for Years 3 to 8 run every Wednesday from 3:15pm until 5:30pm



If your child attends Carmel School, there will be a madricha (leader) waiting from 3:15-3:30pm to make sure all chanichim get to the Jewish Centre safely. The madricha will return to Carmel at 4:00pm to pick up students who participate in after school clubs.

If your child does not attend Carmel School, they can be dropped off directly at the Jewish Centre at a time convenient to you. The peula will begin at about 4:00pm, so they will not miss out by coming late.

From 3:15-4:00pm, there will be optional activities for participation. Chanichim (participants) may also use this time to complete homework, or to wind down from their day at school. Snacks will be handed out at this time.

From 4:00pm-5:30pm, peulot will begin. These are completed in year groups and all chanichim are expected to participate. 


In order for us to continue having the most fun at Habo and providing our chanichim with the best possible peulot, we ask that you pay a fee of $80 to support the running of our movement!

If this presents a problem, please contact our treasurer Jaydon (0433 577 734).

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Aleh Vehagshem - עלה והגשם

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