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What is Hadracha?

Hadracha in the movement means 'leadership', and is a structure in which year 10 chanichim learn all the skills and concepts necessary to be amazing Habo madrichimot. This is usually done in preparation for being 'madatzimot', young madrichimot in the junior movement. 


This course is an intensive leadership development course which focuses both on the theoretical aspect of leadership as well as the practical side of becoming a leader both in a general sense and specifically in the movement. It's also way too much fun. 

Hadracha at Habo takes the form of peulot over the second semester of year 10, a Seminar in the October holidays, and the opportunity to lead on Summer Camp!

What will I learn about?

Why should I do it?

Habo is a youth movement which aims to empower young people to take responsibility over themselves, each other and their community. Learning strong leadership skills is an important part of any young persons education, and learning to be a madricha in the context of Habo will teach you invaluable skills you will continue to use for the rest of your life, as well as give you the opportunity to educate and empower others. 


What's next?

After you've done Hadracha at Habo in the second half of year 10, you'll be able to lead as a madricha on junior summer camp (Kayetzet) in the December holidays. You will join a tzevet of madatzimot (year 11s) and Bogrimot (post-shnat madrichimot) to create the most amazing 5 days for our year 3-8s. 

In year 11, you will have the opportunity to be a madatz. Madatzimot are the madrichimot of our junior chanichimot from week to week. This is something many chanichimot who do hadracha choose to do, but is definitely not a requirement! 

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