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This year Habonim Dror Australia is celebrating 80 years! This year in Sydney, we are bringing together the Habonim Dror Australia Community of the last 80 years over trivia (the best way to do it).

The Habonim Dror Sydney Bogrim Body is extremely excited and look forward to seeing many faces on the night. This is an opportunity to reminisce on your time in the movement and learn about what is happening in the Sydney Ken today.

To allow as many people to be involved possible amid the current pandemic, the trivia night will be an online event on 12th November at 7pm.


Trivia will take place in teams who will connect together from one location. We will be delivering little goodie bags before the event! Please note that this is an 18+ event.

What Habo event could exist without gimmicks?! Absolutely none. To celebrate we will be making a special 80th anniversary gimmick! More details coming soon.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

If you have any questions, please contact Paris Freed -

Please fill out the sign up sheet below to sign up a team or order gimmicks. If you cannot see the form below, please reload the page.


Join The Parents and Friends!

הורים וחברים


The parents and friends (PnF) are an amazing support network for the youth movement. Comprising of Parents of chanichim, habo bogrim and general Habo enthusiasts, these guys do great work supporting the movement by fundraising, house development, legal advice and more!


If you want to help out Habo in any way, shape or form - be it fundraising, community engagement or general advice - please contact Dylan Kramer (mazkir) at

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