Habonim Dror Sydney 

Kayetzet 2019

Machane Peleh

Years 3-8:

Dates: 20th-24th December


Machane 'Peleh' 

We are excited to announce that Habonim Dror’s annual Kayetzet (Summer) Camp for 2019 will be entitled Machane Peleh. Peleh is translated from Hebrew to mean “wonder”, a word we found extremely meaningful to Habonim Dror’s broader ethos and the way we interpret informal youth education. We encourage our chanichimot (participants) to dream, critically analyse, create and enact - all qualities catalysed by the act of wondering. We hope to create a camp environment where chanichimot and madrichimot alike are encouraged to wonder without judgment about both personal and societal concerns. We hope we can share this feeling of amazement and admiration for thought collectively and create one of the best camps ever! 

Whether you are a Habonim Dror regular attendee or this is your first camp, we hope to see you on Machane Peleh 2019. 

Best Regards,
Tzev Mach

 What are the camp activities? 

At Habo we believe in creating a space that is not only fun but also safe. We therefore put a lot of thought, training and effort into ensuring this on our camps.

A chanich/a at Habo participates in a range of activities planned and run by experienced young leaders who are either in Year 11 or are university students. Most of our madrichim have been leading the same age group and kids for the whole year, or for even longer!

Most activities come in the form of fun and informal educational programs, filled with unique content covering a range of topics, from social justice to Jewish identity. We particularly focus on providing a multidimensional investigation of Zionism and Judaism, helping the chanichim find their own unique Zionist and Jewish identity that fits their own values. This is achieved through creative methods that engage participants encompassing all types of abilities and levels of knowledge.

 A day in the life of   a chanich/a on camp... 

8:30 - 

9:00 - 

10:00 - 

11:00 - 

13:00 - 

14:00 - 

16:00 - 

17:00 - 

18:00 - 

19:30 - 

21:30 - 

Wake up


Joint activity




Israel Chuggim



Program/Joint activity

Lights out

A day at camp will consist of one or two programs as well as other structured activities, such as joint night events, sport, arts & crafts, games, singing, dancing, getting messy,  and much more.  

A chanich/a at Habo can expect to have an enjoyable learning experience, to engage in inclusive group bonding, to be inspired by our madrichim, and to make new friends from across the Jewish community. Many chanichim that come on our camps will say how much fun they had, and comment on the unique atmosphere on camp, that is truly hard to find elsewhere. To see for yourself, check out the photos bellow!

 Photos from Kayetzet 2018

Kayetzet 2019 will be running:


Years 3-8: 20-24th December


If you would like to arrange to come late or leave early, please contact:

Tsev Mach: Daniel Radomsky (0423 767 998)

or send an email through to sydcamp@hdoz.com.


No child should miss out on a Habo camp because of money.

If you require a subsidy or payment plan, contact our Gizbar (treasurer) Dylan Kramer on 0422 884 517, or email sydgizbar@hdoz.com.


Become a member here!

Keeno discount ends: Sep 2nd

Early bird ends: Oct 15th

Late fee begins: Nov 19th

Signups close: Dec 10th

 Sign Up 

When signing up, you are agreeing to our rules and expectations for camp. Please read these here before signing up.

Please have your health insurance and payment details ready for when you sign up.


Your child will not be allowed on camp without a signed indemnity form.  Click here for the updated form.

Signup is completed only after filling the online form, sending the indemnity form and finalising payment.



For more information, contact:

Daniel Radomsky (Tsev Mach): 0423 767 998

Asha Lancaster (Tsev Mach): 0452 645 349

Julia Meltzer (Mazkira): 0422 076 542

Boaz Hadari (Shaliach): 0400 455 091

or email us at: sydcamp@hdoz.com


At Habo camp we are committed to providing tasty and nutritious food. There are three meals a day, as well as fruits, bread and spreads during the day. All dietary requirements are catered for, and no one is left hungry.

If you have any special requests, or allergies, please make sure to include them when signing up so that we can make sure to account for it. Habo camp is a nut-free zone as well.

 Packing List 

What do I bring on Kayetzet?

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sleeping mat

  • Pillow

  • Shorts, t-shirts and underwear for 5 days

  • Warm Jumper or jacket

  • Rain Jacket

  • Clothes to get dirty in

  • Shabbat Clothes

  • Socks

  • Hat

  • Chultzah (Habo shirt)

  • Closed shoes for walking

  • Sandals/thongs (for shower)

  • Regular comfortable closed shoes

  • Water Bottles

  • Torch

  • Towel

  • Toiletries

  • Musical Instruments

  • Stingose and insect repellent

  • Medication, if required (to be given to the medic)

  • Sunscreen

  • A couple of garbage bags for dirty or wet clothing

  • Thermals (optional)

Definitely do not bring:

  • Any valuables

  • Mobile Phones

  • iPads

  • Expensive items

  • Snacks (for explanation please see below)

Please note:

Habonim Dror Sydney doesn't take responsibility for any items lost or damaged on camp, however we will contact all parents after camp if there is lost property left behind.

In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all chanichim on camp, Habonim Dror will confiscate the following items if found on camp. We will contact parents to organise travel arrangements and chanichim will be sent home if found in possession. No reimbursement will be provided:

  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Cigarettes

  • Other Illicit substances

  • Explosives

  • Any kind of weapon, including pocket knives



On camp we will be having a camp wide ‘kuppah’ of snacks. What this means is that all snacks will be shared. We will be providing all snacks on camp. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. In the past, snacks have been a major cause of bullying on camp.

  2. Often there is a discrepancy between how much food some kids bring and how much others bring. This opens up an unnecessary point of tension and discomfort for the kids with less.

  3. It promotes a non-exclusive and equal environment.

  4. It is easier for us to ensure there is no meat products or nuts in any of the provided snacks.


Please do not buy snacks for your kids for camp, as they will be more than happy with the amount provided. We understand the importance of snacking on camp! We will be conducting bag searches to see if your kids have brought snacks. This is especially because of allergies. If found, your child can choose to either share their snacks or save them in the amnesty box until the end of camp. We have done this on previous camps successfully.

If you have any feedback regarding snack kuppah from previous camps, please let us know so that we can improve the structure for this camp, and future camps.

 Policy, Rules and Expectations 

 When signing up for camp you are agreeing to our camp rules.   We strongly advise discussing some of these rules with your   children before coming on camp. If your child breaks one of   these rules, depending on the severity, they will be sent home. 


Our goal is to create a happy and pleasant experience for all the kids on camp.

Habonim Dror is a bully free zone. If anyone bullies on our camp it will be taken seriously. Depending on the severity of the incidence, children may have to be sent home from camp. Bullying is anything from exclusion, talking behind someone’s back, to physical violence. You will be contacted immediately if your child is being sent home from camp. We advise you to speak to your child before camp and let them know that bullying is absolutely not tolerated on camp.

Safe Space

We emphasise creating a safe space for the kids to to express themselves and to feel free with who they are and how they behave.

It is expected of all children on camp to think about the spaces they are sharing with others. It’s expected for the chanichim to be aware of how their actions affect other people. If a chanich/a is making another chanich/a or group of chanichim feel unsafe in any way on camp, they will also be sent home. If we feel that your child is not safe in our care, for whatever reason, and that we are unable to keep them safe, they will also be sent home.


Behaviour guidelines will be sent out in regards to our basic expectations of chanichim. We highly encourage you to read through them, and to discuss them with your child before coming on camp.

Medical Needs

It is the obligation of parents to inform Habo, in writing, with a full and accurate information regarding any medical situation of their child; temporary or chronic. We want every child to participate regardless of their medical situation, however, in order to ensure their health, our medic needs to know the child’s medical situation.


This also includes mental health.


During all the days of camp there will be a trained medic present, as well as a few Madrichim who are certified in providing First Aid treatment.


If your child has a medical issue that you would like to discuss with the medic or the heads of camp, please send an email to us to discuss an action plan. If you already elected on the sign up that you would like the medic to contact you, you don’t have to send an email as you will be contacted before camp.


Any medication brought to camp should be correctly labelled with your child’s name, year group and instructions, and will be collected by our medic on the morning of drop-off. Please don’t forget to take your medication back from the medic when collecting your child.


If your child develops a medical issue before camp and has medication that wasn’t put on the sign-up sheet, please ensure you let madrichim know when you drop your kids off at Habo House and follow it up by sending us an email.


We know how food is an important factor in the success of a good camp, as well as the happiness and wellbeing of every child.

We expect that your children will eat the food that is provided for them. If your child has an allergy or is particularly fussy about food (and you haven’t already put this on your sign up form) please send us an email as soon as possible. If your child isn’t eating properly we will take the matter seriously and might have to contact you, or in the worst case, send them home.


Habo camp is a uniquely social and outdoor environment. We try to reduce as possible any unnecessary outside interference.

Phones are not allowed on camp. Please advise your children not to pack them. If we find kids using their phones on camp, they will be confiscated. If they need to contact you, they will be able to use one of our phones. Please do not contact your children on their phones on camp. If you have an important message for them, please phone us.


There are a few reasons for this policy:

  1. We try to create a fun and safe environment at Habo. The use of phones very often lead to anti-social behaviour on camps, and the content of the activity on phones is very difficult for us to manage.

  2. On a similar note, camp is an unparalleled experience. We want our chanichim to be enjoying as much of camp as possible, and to be engaging with the activities that are running throughout the day. The absence of devices and media allow for children to form authentic experiences and connections with each other.

  3. If your child speaks to you about a particular issue, and their leaders don’t know that they are having a hard time, the leaders are unable to help them and support them.

  4. There is also no reception on the campsite.


We will be alerting parents via email and Facebook on pick-up times at the end of camp, and will also be updating parents throughout camp.


If you would like to discuss any of the above matters with us, please do not hesitate and contact either:

Julia Meltzer (Mazkira) on 0422 076 542

Boaz Hadari (Shaliach) on 0400 455 091


We know it is important for you to see your child and to understand what it is they doing during throughout camp.

There will be a Facebook photo album created for Kayetzet, so you can keep updated with everyone’s activities on camp! Like our Facebook page hereEmails with updates will be sent as well.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your children on camp is our top priority. In organising camp we have been in constant contact with the CSG, so you can be confident that your kids will be safe and secure on our camp. Due to security reasons we cannot release the exact location of camp. We only disclose the campsite to parents, if necessary. The campsite it about a 1.5 hour drive from the Eastern suburbs. We also 'Shmira' (guard duty) and make sure there is someone awake throughout the night on camp.

Refund Policy

If for some reason your child can no longer attend camp, you can unregister them by sending us an email as soon as you decide to sydcamp@hdoz.com.

You will receive a full refund for cancelling up until Late Fee starts,

You will receive a 50% refund for cancelling up until sign ups close,

You will receive a 25% refund for cancelling 2 weeks prior to camp starting.

There will be no refund for cancelling within the 2 weeks prior to camp starting.

Unfortunately, if you let us know after those dates we cannot offer a refund as we will have already paid for their place on camp (busses, campsite, equipment, food etc). In exceptional circumstances, we will of course be happy to have a conversation with you about your child's cancellation.


We want to highlight that camp is an inclusive environment, and we highly encourage your kids getting to know new people. Sleeping arrangements for junior will be split by gender.

For senior the children will have a choice in how they want to split themselves gender wise. 

It will be inevitable that your children will probably be sharing cabins with children they don’t know.

We have created a form for you and/or your child to fill in regarding room/tent preferences. This will be sent out to parents closer to camp.

Guidelines for Parents and Rights of Children

The AZYC (Australian Zionist Youth Council) have two important documents which outline the rights of madrichimot (leaders) on camp and your children. The Rights of Children will be printed and stuck around the campsite visibly for children to read. We highly recommend that you download and read both documents here: 

AZYC Guidelines for Parents

AZYC Rights of Young People


Finally, thank you for supporting Habonim Dror, and we look forward to having a phenomenal Kayetzet!


Please contact us with any questions.


Kind Regards,

Asha and Daniel

Tzevet Machane

 Our Safeguarding   Children Policy 

 ​Habonim Dror Australia is an affiliate of the   AZYC which abides by accredited   Safeguarding Children Policies 

 Please click below to view the AZYC   Safeguarding Children Policy 


 Frequently Asked Questions 


Years 3 - 8: 20th-24th Dec



Anyone! As long as the child is in Years 3-8 in 2019.



The campsite will be around 1 hour away from the Eastern Suburbs. Security and safety is a top priority for us, and therefore we do not disclose the address of the campsite unless necessary.



To be a member in 2019 you need to have filled out this form.

Keeno Discount: Sep 2nd at midnight

Early bird ends: Oct 15th at midnight.

Late fee begins: Nov 19th after midnight.

Signups close: Dec 10th at midnight.


If you need a subsidy, then please contact our Gizbar (treasurer) Dylan Kramer on 0422 884 517 or email them at sydgizbar@hdoz.com



They will be taking a private bus with a few of their madrichim, from Habo House to the campsite.



We have a qualified medic who will be taking care of any sick children on camp. If serious, you will be notified, and if need be, we will send the child home. If severe, and if appropriate, we will take them to a hospital or a doctor. We have located the nearest one, and all other nearest emergency services to the campsite.

Camp isn't a good environment for an ill child. Please do not send your child on camp if they are unwell.


If your child has a medical issue that you would like to discuss with the medic or the heads of camp, please send an email to us at sydcamp@hdoz.com to discuss an action plan. If you already elected on the sign up that you would like the medic to contact you, you don’t have to send an email, you will be contacted before camp.

Regarding mental health issues (minor or severe), please discuss this as early as possible with our Shaliach, Boaz, on 0400 455 901.



We will provide an on call phone number for the campsite before camp starts.



If your child needs to arrive late or leave early contact tzevet machane at sydcamp@hdoz.com or call Daniel Radomsky on 0423 767 998


Please see rules by clicking the ‘rules’ button at the top of the webpage.



We have many amazing madrichim who have been leading their shichvah (year level) the whole year and have put a lot of work and planning into the activities. Our leaders went through a leadership training program in Israel (During their Shnat program) or Year 10 Hadracha leadership course, and are going through additional leadership and safety training during the year.

Camp is run by a tzevet machane who oversee all camp related issues. This tzevet consists of Asha, Daniel, Yael, Dylan and the Shaliach Boaz (0400 455 091). There is always a designated responsible adult on our camps who help to facilitate the running of camp and oversee all issues.



The chanichim will be sleeping in cabins and tents. There will not be sheets and linen provided, chanichim need to provide everything else for sleeping. 


Yes! Children on camp will eat three meals a day (this is a requirement of camp). All meals are incredibly well thought out, and have great nutritional value. We also have healthy snacks provided throughout the day, such as fruits, and bread with various fillings. If a child is still hungry, or is not happy with a meal on camp, we will provide them with a different or extra meal. We often have leftovers from meals which we keep as another option for kids to have extra or instead.



No! On this camp we we will be having a camp wide ‘kuppah’ of snacks that we have had successfully for a number of past camps. What this means is that all snacks will be shared and will all be provided by Habo. There are a few reasons for this:


  1. In the past, snacks have been a major cause of bullying on camp.

  2. Often there is a discrepancy between how much food some kids bring and how much others bring. This opens up an unnecessary point of tension and discomfort for the kids with less.

  3. It promotes a non-exclusive and equal environment.

  4. It is easier for us to ensure there is no meat products or nuts in any of the provided snacks.


Please do not buy snacks for your kids for camp. We will provide enough for them to be more than happy, we promise! We understand the importance of snacking on camp.




No! Everything that your child needs is provided by us. Please leave any money at home. There will be nothing to purchase whilst on camp.




Yes! All our leaders comply with the AZYC's safeguarding children policies and Working With Children (WWC) check. These comprehensive policies ensure your children are always safe under our care. For more information Click here.


We have amazing madrichim who are well practiced in educating and looking after children. We spend a long time thinking about the safety of our chanichim on camp, and are constantly developing new and better structures of running camp so that it is fun and also safe.

There is a trained medic on camp able to take care of the chanichim. We have a great kitchen tzevet who provides nutritious meals on camp.

There is always a responsible adult on camp, who will oversee any major issues that happen on camp, and helps to support tzevet machane with the running of camp.


Habo camps have been running for decades, which provides us years of experiences, and have always been large and successful camps.

For more information contact:

Daniel Radomsky (Tsev Mach): 0423 767 998

Julia Meltzer (Mazkira): 0422 076 542

Boaz Hadari (Shaliach): 0400 455 091

or email us at sydcamp@hdoz.com

Aleh Vehagshem - עלה והגשם

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