Ken Ha'Shemesh Ha'Olah

About the Ken

Welcome to Ken Ha'Shemesh Ha'Olah! This ken (branch) aims to bring Habonim Dror’s activities and values to Australian Jewish youth who live in communities outside of our other branches in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

We aim to do this through online peulot (activities), organising activities/events in other communities, and helping to bring people to our winter and summer camps and leadership seminars.

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Contact Brooke Levy (Mazkira/Chairperson)


Tel: 0478218222

Peulot (activities)

Saturday 30th November

Shtilim (year 3-6) at 12:00pm

Kochavim (year 7-9) TBC

Australian Eastern Daylight Time


Watch this space!

Habonim Dror Camps

Each year all of our three kenim, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, run both a summer and winter camp for kids in years 3-11. Our federal camp - or fed for short - sees senior chanichim from across Australia coming for 12 days of Jewish, Zionist and experiential learning. Or, as the chanichim call it: heaps of fun! Despite the distance, we will find a way for you to join us!

Melbourne Junior


Yr 2: 23rd - 24th Dec

Yr 3-4: 24-27 Dec

Yr 5-8: 23-27 Dec

Sydney Junior

Yr 3-8: 20th - 24th Dec

Perth Junior

Yr 2: 22nd Dec

Yr 3 - 8: 22nd - 26th Dec

FED20 (Senior)

Yr 9 - 11: 12th - 22nd Jan


Contact Brooke Levy (Mazkira/Chairperson)


Tel: 0478218222



Aleh Vehagshem - עלה והגשם

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