HDOZ Nesher Hachshara 2021

 הבונים דרור


There have been a number of unexpected circumstances that have occurred this year. The first and most obvious being COVID-19, creating uncertainty in many aspects of our lives, and especially for Shnat programs in Israel. With the recent rise in the severity of the situation in Israel, this has become even more relevant. 


The practical provision of the Habonim Dror Australia Shnat program has been another focal point of this year, with complications in running a full 9-month program on the ground in Israel due to a series of factors in Israel. 

Due to these uncertainties, Habonim Dror Australia will be offering a unique program throughout 2021 that will provide a responsible, safe alternative to the uncertain reality of 2021. 



January: Orientation Seminar

During Fed Camp, being held in each state this year due to COVID-19, chanichim will participate in an orientation seminar that will prepare them for the year ahead, and deal with some of the complexities of finishing school and entering the next stage of their lives. Click this button for more information.

February: Shichvah Seminar

This seminar will run for the month of February on a beautiful property in NSW. It will take advantage of this time before chanichim go begin university, and allow them to have an experience of collective living, building their identity as a shichvah and growing relationships with one another. Educational content will be delivered through peulot with madrichim, workshops with guest educators and field trips around the area. 


Once back in their home states and settled into semester 1, chanichim will have a 2-day a week schedule filled with educational activities, tiyulim/siyurim, guest speakers & courses, and other activities within the local kenim while allowing time for other commitments. This month will have a broad educational focus on Judaism. 


Chanichim will meet in person for a federal seminar focused on hadracha (leadership) during the university break. This month will also focus on the 'yomim' that occur during this time (Yom Ha'atzmaut, Yom HaZikaron & Yom HaShoa), using them as springboards to discuss complex issues about Israel and world Jewry . 


This month's focus is the topic of 'Socialist-Zionism'. In addition, chanichim will be given the opportunity to volunteer with a local organization together.


Chanichim will join as madrichim to help plan for Winter Camps in the July school holidays. In addition, they will participate in workshops run by a diverse range of organizations. 

July: Winter Camps and Israel Seminar

Chanichim will attend Junior Winter Camps as madrichim, and then participate in a federal shichvah seminar to prepare them for their trip to Israel!



August - February: On the ground in Israel

For 6 months in the second half of the year, Nesher will get to experience a jam-packed trip to Israel. During this time, they will enjoy many of the experiences they would expect from a traditional Shnat program. This will afford them the opportunity to live together in Israel, travel the country, experience independence as a group, and learn about Israel on the ground.


In travelling to Israel later in the year, we are able to track the development of COVID-19 both in Australia and Israel, ensuring the safety of each participant as well as their full participation in all aspects of the program, without the fear of last-minute changes or cancellation. In addition, there will likely be a greater availability of cost-effective flights with minimized stress around returning home to Australia. 



Why is there no 'normal' Shnat?

HDOZ has been in the process of reforming and improving our Shnat program for the past few years. There are, unfortunatley, lots of political and bureaucratic complications attached to the youth movements that exist within Israel. This has interfered with our ability to provide a safe and educationally appropriate program. Further, the ever-changing COVID-19 situation has affected many of our plans to provide a full program in 2021. Due to COVID-19, HDOZ does not feel that sending chanichim to Israel in January of 2021 is responsible. There are too many uncertainties (i.e. flights to Israel, programming options in Israel, Australia's closed international borders, lockdowns in Israel). We would rather provide a unique and exciting program for Nesher that is safe and stress free, with the ability to look forward to an extended trip to Israel later in the year.

What is the educational content?

The educational content is based on a series of modules that are traditionally taught on Shnat, designed to prepare our chanichim to become leaders of HDOZ themselves. We have taken these themes and integrated them with additional content that will be relevant to the chanichim while in Australia. We will also be incorporating local educators to enhance this content.

What if I want to go on a different Israel program?

Despite the uncertainties of COVID-19, other long-term Israel programs are currently going ahead. There is, of course, the opportunity for chanichim who choose to go to Israel at the beginning of 2021 to join the Nesher Hachshara program in August for the Israel component of the program.

Can I go to uni?

This program has been structured to allow chanichim to attend university in Semester 1 should they choose to. All federal seminars will take place in uni breaks and holidays. While the program does demand a weekly commitment from the chanichim throughout the semester, this isn't something new to Habo madrichim. Madrichim mostly all study at university while volunteering many hours a week at Habo and working part time jobs, so we believe with the right support this balance will be possible for Nesher chanichim too. Chanichim will need to defer their second semester in order to go to Israel in August.

Has this been done before?

Yes, it has! We had a number of chanichim who chose to stay in Australia in 2020 rather than go on Shnat, who participated in a program we built for them called 'Levavot'. It featured similar elements to what we're offering for Nesher, but was unfortunately affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions and lockdowns.

How much will this cost?

The Australian portion of the program will cost 3, 350 AUD* per participant. The Israel portion of the program will cost between 7,000-8,000 USD* per participant. *costs are subject to variation based on the number of participants


To sign up for Chavat Oz (semester 1 of Nesher Hachshara), press this button!



To complete our internal application for Nesher's second semester Shnat Program, press this button! 


For more information, please contact our Shnat Rakezet Kerryn Finn. 

shnat@hdoz.com or 0451 771 505