MELBFED is open for Years 9-11, now with every year level on a campsite together!


Get excited to hang out with friends, go to super engaging peulot and have an all-round amazing time!

Camp will be run by the madrichim of each year level. Each campsite will have a designated member of the leadership tzevet overseeing the camp and medic to ensure the safety of each individual campsite.


Covid Plans

With the current rate at which cases of covid-19 have been arising in Victoria, FED21 will be continuing as is. We are in continual communication with the AZYC and have been informed that at no point is camp interfering with any government regulations or restrictions.

However, we are putting in place structures to fall back on if there is any drastic changes in government guidelines. 


Similar to our original we would be running 3 individual seminars for each year level in different locations.  This would require looking for 3 seperate holiday houses/Air bnb's for Sufah, Ogen and Eyal.



If a number restriction on participants is put in place, our covid safe option may include a staggered camp.

This involves an alternating rotation with the 3 year levels each spending time on the campsite and at then ken 
One shichvah (year level) will be on the campsite and stay there overnight, whilst the other 2 will be having programs Habo house.



Our third and final option is a regular day camp. This would involve running camp onsite at Habo House and at another venue if needed.


Camp structures would run as usual with peulot and other fun habo run and external activities in Melbourne. With the only extra difference being that chanichimot will need to return to their individual homes every evening.



MELBFED will be running from the 12th - 16th of January 2021 for Years 9-11 participants.

(Dates have been changed from 14/01 - 19/01 to the 12/01 - 16/10)



For any questions or concerns whilst on camp, arranging alternate travel plans, arriving late or leaving early, please contact:

Gid Goldberg - +61 431 135 521

Katie Rumanovsky - +61 424 665 377



If you have any questions about camp pricing, or would like to apply for a subsidy, please contact:

Serena Meltzer -


Sign Up

For legal reasons, we need all parents/guardians to sign our indemnity & release form. 

The form changes often so we require every participant to complete the most recent edition.


Please download the indemnity form below, fill it out, scan it and upload to the sign up form. (Please note the forms cannot be signed electronically)

Indemnity form


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Habonim Dror Australia is an affiliate of the AZYC which abides by accredited Safeguarding Children Policies

Please click here to find out more about safeguarding children